Superman will be returning to theaters again. This time it’s going to be a completely new reboot of the it’s ever popular movie franchise. With a new reboot there are also going to be a new storyline, new faces, and new enemies. The movie titled Man of Steel is not only going to have 1 but 2 familiar villains for Superman to fight.

General Zod

The first familiar face is General Zod played by Michael Shannon. We first saw Zod as a character in Superman 2 and he has been a familiar nemesis of Superman in the comics. Zod is also a Kryptonian just like Superman. In mostly all storylines he was placed in the Phantom Zone for 40 years for his crimes. Depending on the story he gets released from his imprisonment and heads to Earth to battle Superman. I am assuming that they are probably going to stick with this storyline as it’s pretty easy to incorporate into any plot. It is highly rumored that Zod will also wear his suit of red armor later on in the movie. This armor heightens his powers and we will probably witness this during the final battle.

watch Antje Traue as Faora in Man of Steel

The second villain is Faora played by Antje Traue. We also saw her in Superman 2 alongside Zod and she also makes appearances in the comics. She was also imprisoned in the Phantom Zone with Zod. She escapes with Zod to Earth to battle Superman as well. She is very good at hand to hand combat and is being rumored as being a worthy adversary for Superman in the Man of Steel.

This will hopefully give is an updated look at this wonderful superhero that most of us have grown to love. Check out the trailer online if you want a head start and plan to be there on open day to see these villains give Superman the fight of his life.